A back-end written solely in Bash

Easy to use. Fast. Efficient. Tie it to a webserver with fastcgi and you're good to go. It has routing, models, controllers, and a mysql db connector built in. You can get started here.

There's no install process for Bash-end; it's three scripts in a directory. There's one dependency, which has no dependencies on its own, so the entire setup is almost too easy. Also there's a Dockerfile, so you can get your server up and running with two simple commands. Saves you the hassle of configuring your webserver with fastcgi.


Check out the project on GitHub.

Use it. Extend it. I'd be honored if you'd fork my back-end. Send pull requests and lets get this party started.

Easy to use

Our very efficient routing makes creating CRUD API's a breeze. Match urls on regex or 1-1 value, along with the request method, and list the function to execute if it matches.


The db connector translates mysql-client output to json. So anything your model will query is already worthy of showing in a REST API. You can further finetune the result using jq.


  • 320 lines of code
  • 3 files
  • 1 dependency